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Children Shoe Fashionable Casual Sneaker for Boy Kid Shoe for Girl Luminous Shoe Breathable Lightweight Soft Soled Toddler Shoe

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Color: black

Shoe Size: 21 insole 13.3cm

21 insole 13.3cm
22 insole 13.8cm
23 insole 14.2cm
24 insole 14.7cm
25 insole 15.2cm
26 insole 16cm
27 insole 16.8cm
28 insole 17.3cm
29 insole 17.8cm
30 insole 18.3cm
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Because the illuminated shoe is not a USB interface, it is a battery on the sole that stores electricity and emits light. With the passage of time, it is normal for shoes to sometimes not shine, one bright and one not bright, or one bright and one dark. If the above and color imbalance issues occur, we will not handle them as quality issues. Those who mind the above situation should carefully decide whether to buy shoes!

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